5 Important Steps Before You Purchase Apps From CodeCanyon


CodeCanyon Apps are not free from bugs and headaches, the reason why we are writing about this. While Codecanyon is still our marketplace for purchasing Apps, there are five critical checklists if you plan to buy Apps or Web from CodeCanyon.

Don’t just look at the reviews

Check for the comments as well. Importantly is first to ensure the statement made is from a legit buyer. You will see a “purchased” label in black just next to the person’s name. Next, look for error comments and see the replies from the author. Generally, the author will push them to push support in which you will no longer be able to follow the thread. But an angry buyer would usually continue to comment over there if his issue is not solved. Look for those technical problems and analyze the situation if it is something that you can bear or crack on your own. If not, don’t take the risk.

Consider what payment providers are available

Most of the Apps have the Stripe payment gateway integration-ready as one of the payment method options, which is not bad. However, many of our clients complain that the Stripe transaction fee is too expensive compared to a local payment provider. We suggest that you do a bit of research to find out the best payment provider in your country. Then, engage the seller to see if they can add the preferred payment method. Of course, the fee is charged separately, but more importantly, it ensures that you don’t lose customers mainly because of the transaction fee. Not every seller can do it, depending on the requirement, and sometimes can be overly expensive. So figure this out before you make the purchase.

Fully test out the demo page

Don’t just depend on screenshots, but ask for the demo page or live preview and try it out. It might be different or much simpler than what you visualize. Try out all three roles: buyer, seller, and admin. If you are going to be the admin, then it is okay if the admin page is not as you desire it to be, mainly the look and feel. (It is not meant for the buyer anyway, so why so fussy about it). Importantly is to look from the seller’s side and see if everything is fine. It would be best if you remembered that there’s no buyer without a seller. So they are equally important.

Consider the Apps Play Stores

Not every App is built on all versions, Android, iOS, and web. It is best to understand your market and evaluate which platform you should be developing for. If it is required on all the platforms, do check if the seller has it ready, or if it’s a development in progress. Some Apps are only built on specific platforms. To create another can be very costly. For an app to be compatible with Android, iOS, and the web, go for one which is in Progressive Web App (PWA) ready.

Simple UI changes via the admin settings

The seller must provide an admin dashboard plus complete documentation of all the functionality. Usually, this is shared in the demo section. At the same time, the admin dashboard should be capable of changing the Apps branding such as logo, colours, and more without modifying the source code.  You don’t want to buy an App that needs further source code modifications for simple and frequently changed items. Many times, we get headaches when a client decided to change certain things perhaps due to a change of business requirements over time or for change’s sake.

In Conclusion

These are the primary golden rules when we purchase Apps or Web from CodeCanyon. We always make sure that they are available on iOS, Android, and web-based. At the same time, we know that our local payment gateway is never part of the integration-ready list because it is not globally as popular as other payment gateways.

We will usually ask if the seller can manage the integration at a reasonable cost. Finally, we typically use the admin dashboard to customize everything, including the user look and feel. So, it is really important for us to know if the admin is nothing short of that or otherwise it is going to be a problem for our clients later on when they decide to customize things.

Hope it helps anyone out there with your CodeCanyon App venture journey.