APP Development Services

We try not to reinvent the wheel when it comes to app development.
Instead, we will assist your organization to implement the right solution that fits your business requirements.
Below are some solutions that we have implemented. If you have similar needs, feel free to contact us for help.

The City


An android app capable of displaying interesting places from a city with description and some attribute. Suitable for tourists as a self-service  city guide. This app can be used to improve tourism and promote the best places at your city.

Glide Apps

No Code Tool To Create Apps

With Glide Apps, you can easily turn your data into beautiful, powerful mobile apps just by using the intuitive drag and drop user interface.¬†Whether you’re a beginner or an IT pro, you can build an amazing Glide App in minutes.



This VPN tool can be used to secure your application browsing experience. With just a single click, you can be connected to a server from United States, Australia, Japan and more. Most users use this VPN tool to access content from their home country when it’s blocked by the residing country’s ISP.

Candidate finder

Recruitment Management System

Candidate finder is an advanced recruitment and applicant tracking system designed for use by human resource departments or head hunting/recruitment firms. The system offers an application board that allows you to compare candidates’ qualifications, skills and abilities before they are hired. 

How We can help

1. Business Requirement

Discuss your business requirement in detail so that we can define the work specifications while managing your expectations.

2. Implementation

Agreed work scope is signed off and implementation work commences to kickstart your digital business.

3. knowledge transfer

Training and knowledge transfer so your digital business can run smoothly without our involvement.


Software-driven transformation solutions to digitalization, boost your IT productivity with experienced digital transformation specialist.

Our Sharing

At Ci.T we focus on transforming the way our customers do business, from bottom up, by implementing a new technology or process. We want to cut costs for you so you can increase profits.