Business startup ideas: Step by Step

The new microbusiness revolution is changing how we think about work and how we do it Imagine being able to live your life doing the things you really love. Imagine being able to give your undivided attention to a project […]

What is marketing in this modern age?

Marketing is all about telling a convincing enough story for your audience to buy Marketing used to rely heavily on TV and radio ads, coercion, and deception but then came the internet — a vast, fair playground for a diversity […]

6 Steps to Successfully Pitch Your Business Idea

For an idea to reach its intended target, you must focus on the core message Often, an idea fails to reach its intended target, or it does, and the meaning is lost on them. There is too much emphasis on […]

Step by Step Strategy to Identify Your Target Market

The first step in business success is determining exactly who you want to serve You have to know your target market inside out. Far too many businesses miss this important point. You ask the average business person who their market […]

Online Business Idea: 3 Fundamentals for Beginners

Identify the things that people don’t have enough of and provide them Every successful business produces something valuable. The world is full of opportunities to make people’s lives better, and your job as a business owner is to identify things […]

Business Idea Strategy

To stand out in the marketplace, we must create a unique market space known as a blue ocean The business world is fiercely competitive, and upcoming companies get crushed under existing competitors’ immense weight. New companies attempt to copy the […]

Good business ideas? Validate Here

Before getting things started with your new business, you must seek feedback from friends or family Getting honest feedback isn’t as simple as it sounds. Most times, you might not get direct feedback from a friend because they feel it […]

Ideas that create or kill your business

Loonshots differentiate between the good ad the best in a competitive market Many people have ideas that seem either too crazy or look impossible. These ideas either die or remain stagnant unless they get implemented by people who dare to […]

6 Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy

Creativity is an essential marketing skill, but it is not all you need to succeed Marketing is a vast and dynamic field that requires creativity. But many professionals have come to believe that it is all about trial and error […]