Tips to Get More Customers

Your approach to economic crisis determines if it will favor you or not The economy is obviously the driving force behind the success of many companies, individuals, and families. But the problem is that people quickly go bankrupt when the […]

Hack Growth Marketing

Do you crave to have your business successful? Stop using the regular methods because they’re outdated When the then-director of marketing for American Apparel, Ryan Holiday, read an article titled “Growth Hacker is the New VP of Marketing” by Andrew […]

Modern marketing strategies you wish you know in 2022

Old marketing strategies stopped working when the Internet came around In the past, companies and large multinationals had a great influence on the market. They shaped consumer perceptions and behaviors through targeted marketing. And that was all they needed to […]

How do I build a marketing plan?

This is blatantly and unashamedly about growing your business fast If the essence of this is to be summarized in one sentence, it would be “the fastest path to the money. This opening sentence may put off a large number […]

22 Marketing Rules You Need to Know in 2022

Companies waste billions of dollars on marketing programs that flop Different managers assume that for a marketing program to work, it needs to have the greatest design, execution, and financial backup. It is not necessarily so, and IBM, General Motors, […]

Step by Step Strategy to Identify Your Target Market

The first step in business success is determining exactly who you want to serve You have to know your target market inside out. Far too many businesses miss this important point. You ask the average business person who their market […]

6 Fundamentals of Marketing Strategy

Creativity is an essential marketing skill, but it is not all you need to succeed Marketing is a vast and dynamic field that requires creativity. But many professionals have come to believe that it is all about trial and error […]