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How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

How much does it cost to build an app like Uber?

Uber Taxi App

Uber has gone through many developments and changes since it first started. While their App is now excellent, that was only after many years of improvement and changes. Developing the same from scratch requires a massive development time and cost. We understand that you are already aware of that. However, we would like to propose a more cost-effective and quicker way to build an app like Uber. We would like to suggest a similar Uber App template, which you can find here for only $99, and you will have all the primary functions of Uber in iOS, Android, and web-based platforms. This $99 app could deliver the same business function and is a powerful platform. It is a white-label platform, so you can rebrand and further develop the App if need be. Let us go through the platform features and functions below:

·       Organised and Clean Code – The ratings and reviews are rated a solid five stars from over 809 sales. Many said that the code is partly due to the organized and well-written code.

·       React & React Native (Expo) – The best technologies used for Web and Mobile, respectively. Expo gives the power to build iOS and Android Native Apps from the same source code and any Operating system, Windows or Mac OS.

·       Database and Hosting –The Seller uses the robust Firebase Realtime Database and Firebase’s hosting platform for the database. Firebase functions are used for all the server-side logic. The Seller has been working on Firebase for years and trusts it to best for App development.

·       Authentication – It is managed using Firebase Authentication through email and phone (OTP SMS) authentications. Besides that, the App also uses Social Auth using Facebook and Apple as part of the authentication methods.

·       Map-Based Approach – You can drag the map or use the auto-complete backed by Google APIs to choose the pickup point. At the same time, the App can also provide live updates on the driver’s location via the map. Google APIs then translate this to calculate time and distances for estimates.

·       Flexible Booking – The customer can book the ride now or for later. They can also choose available vehicle options with instant estimation before confirming the booking.

·       Vehicle Types – Customers are presented with different car types for choosing on the booking page. Admin sets these with different distance and time rates.

·       Booking Management – All users can book, view, and cancel their ride in App and Web. As for the Admin, they will need to use the web platform to manage all bookings.

·       Dispatch Option – The job management can be fully automated, with the option to manually dispatch jobs to the drivers. At the same time, the Admin has the authority to dispatch the job manually.

·       Cancellations – Users can have a cancellation option with multiple cancellation fees based on situations—the money will be refunded to the user’s wallet.

·       Website Features – The user can also book the ride via the website. Basic pages are included, like Landing Page, About Us, Privacy Policy, and links to the App Stores.

·       Driver Approvals – The Driver’s registration is carefully designed to enter vehicle details and driver’s driving license for verification. Admin can access these for approval. The approval system is optional.

·       Driver Job – Real-time user booking requests will get added to the driver’s task list. The driver will receive a notification for a new job if the App is in the background. Drivers have the option to accept or ignore the requests.

·       Ride Security – There are multiple security features integrated with the App.

o   OTP system to match the user and driver during the pickup.

o   One alarm call feature.

o   Users can track drivers in real-time.

·       Navigation – Google map-based navigation is integrated within the platform. The driver can easily forward the GPS location to Google with a single tap.

·       Fleet Management – Admins can add businesses as fleet admins. Fleet admins have the authority to add and approve their drivers and monitor their earnings.

·       Driver Earnings & Withdrawal – The Driver will receive their income via the App wallet and can withdraw their payment subject to approval by the Admin.

·       Payment Methods – There are three primary payment methods – Wallet, cash, and online payment gateways. Customers can pay cash if they choose to. At the same time, the platform has already connected with multiple online payment gateways. Namely Paypal, Braintree, Stripe, Paytm, Payfast, Paystack, Liqpay, Paystack, SecurePay, Payu-latam, and Culqi. App has the option to pay with integrated payment gateways, which supports cards and other payment methods.

·       Wallet – Users and Drivers both have the wallet function. Users can top-up and pay using the wallet. Driver’s income gets added to the wallet, and they can withdraw. Admin has the option to top-up Wallets of both types of users.

·       Multiple Language Support – It has the option to configure numerous languages. All written languages written from the left or right are supported.

·       Profile Management – Users can change their basic details and profile picture from the Profile page in the App. User can also Delete their account from there.

·       User Management – Admin can add, edit, and remove all three types of users: customers, drivers, and fleet admins. Admin can also approve drivers and reset the driver status.

·       Communication – Active booking has the option to chat and make phone calls between the customer and the driver. The chat function has Push Notification integrated.

·       Referral Bonus and Promotions – You can set up the referral and Promo campaign using the admin portal. The referral program can benefit the users who share and use the referral code to register.

·       Push Notifications – Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) and Expo work together to provide the perfect system for Push Notifications. The Admin can use notification functions for new booking, booking status change, and chat. Admin also can send Push Notifications to all the App users.

·       Statistics and Reports – The dashboard for Admin comes with earning statistics and an active driver map. On top of that, there are complete reports on driver earnings and business earnings.

·       Documentation – The manual and videos are provided together when purchasing the platform.

·       Update – The purchase comes with forever free updates, including bugs repair, Security updates, new version updates, and App store policy changes.

taxi app

The App booking features:

1.     The App is packed with features. It comes with iOS, Android, web, and an admin panel with complete source code.

2.     It is a map-based pickup in which it auto uses Google places.

3.     Users can book instantly or for a later date with an instant estimation.

4.     It has various car types with different rates.

booking features

The booking options:

·       Car Types – Car types with each distance-based rates and other parameters can be configured from the admin panel.

·       Estimate – Instant estimates on selecting car type and the distance and time are auto-calculated by Google APIs. The time and distance fee is added to the estimate.

·       Payment – It provides multiple payment options such as cash, wallet, and various payment gateways for card payments.

Booking options

Ride Options:

·       Navigation:

o   Real-time locations

o   One-touch button for google navigation

·       Security

o   Pickup OTP

o   Customer alarm

o   Location tracking

·       Contact

o   Chat

o   Phone

Ride Options

Payment Features:

·       Payment – It provides multiple payment options such as cash, wallet, and various payment gateways for card payments.

Payment features

Admin Portal Features:

·       Reports

o   Dashboard stats and earning reports

·       Car types

o   Manage car types and their price options

·       Financials

o   Wallet top-up

o   Withdraws

o   Earning

Admin portal

A website with Web Booking

·       Web bookings

o   App customers can also book and cancel on the web

·       Web pages

o   Web pages like About us, privacy policy included

Website with web booking

Customer Screens:

Customer screens

Driver Screens

Driver screens