How To Build Apps Without Coding?

How do you build apps without coding? Easy. A short answer is you buy one. There are many templates out there for you to make yours. The real question is, are there any excellent app templates that are ready-made source-code that you can buy and make yours? Before you think going with app templates is not a good idea, please allow us to share the readily App, which is as good as the apps out there, from e-hailing, travel, restaurant, delivery App, and many more. Here are among the top apps which are plentiful and available for you to grab:

  1. Online Learning App
  2. Ecommerce App
  3. E-hailing App
  4. Online food delivery App
  5. Home service finder App
  6. Social media App
  7. Car service appointment App
  8. Fitness Workout App
  9. Hotel Booking and Tour Travel App
  10. Courier Delivery App

There are many good Apps templates ranging from travel tours, e-commerce, and more. Here is one of our Apps, which you can look at XTVT Travel App (Google play store) and (Apple play store). Initially, we bought from Codecanyon and now have more than 30,000 user downloads combined with a positive review and rating. If you are still reading this, this is precisely how you can build your App without actually coding one.

Step 1 – Choose Your App

Choose the desired App according to your business niche that fulfills most of your business requirements. More importantly, the App function has the proper function to allow you to make money. Suppose you are a travel agent and want to have a travel app; you may want to make money from the transactions. Therefore, you might want to ensure the travel app you chose can sell travel packages in-app. So, once you are clear of making money from the App, it is time for you to choose the right App from the App marketplaces out there. If you are unsure where to choose, you can refer to our article about the Top 5 Mobile App Marketplaces to Buy App Source Code. We will use Codecanyon as our example for this article because we have done it many times, so it’s easier to explain.

Step 2 – How to Filter a Good App

How to choose from the App from Codecanyon? As your first measure, ratings and reviews are essential. Try to avoid purchasing any App without rating and review. You can sort it according to the best-rated option to simplify your search.

It is also crucial to see the last update made by the App developer. In Codecanyon, each App will show you the latest update made. Try to go for App with a recent update, as it will give you a higher chance of purchasing a good quality App. One good measure for this is to see how long has the App been on the market. You can guestimate the date from the comment section. Then, you can see the latest update made by the developer on the main page.

Next, always focus on the FAQs and comments from the previous buyer. Many support queries and technical questions will already be answered there. Try to find out for the red flags such as irresponsive sellers or unsolved issues. Focus on purchasing Apps with good customer support. You can also figure out the time the developer took to reply to those FAQs and decide for yourself if the period is acceptable. At the same time, perhaps if you want to customize the App, you may want to look for a developer who offers customization, which will provide your further advantage.

Step 3 – Opt for Extended Customer Service

When ready to purchase, you will be given the option to purchase extended item support up to a maximum of 12 months from the date of purchase. Try to opt for extended customer service if you have the budget. Often, the seller provides new updates with additional functions or bug fixes at no extra charges! This helps to keep your App up-to-date.

Step 4 – Customise App Content

Once you purchase the App, you will need to go into the admin console and start to make changes and fill up all the necessary information for your new App content. This includes the name, logo, color theme, payment details, and more. Don’t worry about the know-how. The App manual documentation is provided together when you purchase the App. 99% of non-technical people have no issues managing their changes by referring to the manual. If you still find some difficulties and can’t find the answer you are looking for, you can always refer to the support who might be able to help. Sometimes, they even help you with the changes at no additional cost!

Step 5 – Release your App to Play Store

Release your App to the iOS and Android play store. One easy way to manage this is if you don’t have any technical person in-house, you can opt for a freelancer to help you publish your App. The source that I will go for is through the Fiverr platform. You will be able to find sellers who offer services to upload or publish your App from as low as $5! But if you feel like doing it yourself, there are a bundle of tutorials that teach you how to publish your App to the play store. You can quickly learn step by step how to create a developer account, set up app content, store listing, and publish it.

And you are done! Many people are not fully aware of the resources they have available to them. With the growing rise in app-based platforms, business owners must use ready-to-market app development that costs the least time and money. Are you ready? Please let us know in the comment section if you have any questions.