How to create a QR Code Event Check-In App

Have you ever been to an event to see a long queue of people trying to find out which table number they should sit on?

It can be quite a hassle for the receptionist to check your name and let you know which table number you belong to.

If only there were a more straightforward way.

Today’s post is a sharing of a quick and simple way for you as an event organizer to create an app to allow your guests to easily find out their respective seating arrangements.

Step 1: Sign up for a free Glide App account

Glide is an online SAAS tool that allows you to create apps and websites without coding.

Using a free Glide account, you are entitled to create up to 3 Apps & Pages for free.

Click here to sign up!

Once you’re in the Glide dashboard, begin to create the first project.

Step 2: Create an Event Check-in App

Click on the New Project button to create an App the fill in the details as follows.

Next would be to select a data source. From the screenshot below, you are allowed to select a data source from Glide Tables, Google Sheets, Excel, or Airtable. For the purpose of this demo, I will be selecting the built-in Glide Tables as our data source. Click on Create App to proceed to create the app.

Please note that if you currently already maintain a data source from Google Sheets, updating your data from within Google Sheets will cause your app to display the latest data as well. This is a very neat feature indeed.

Step 3: Create a data source

All apps and web pages are powered by a data source so that important information can be presented to the users.

In this step, we will use the data editor to create columns containing data for our guest list.

From the top tab, click on 1. Data Editor followed by 2. Plus sign to add a new table. Name your table as Guest List.

Proceed to add another column called Table Number and fill in the sheet with some data.

Now that you have data related to your guest list, the next step is to make these data visible to the public via an app.

To do that, click on the Layout tab from the top. On the right pane, change the source data to Guest List, change the name of the label and select a style of your choice.

Your event app is nearly complete. In order to make it publicly available for your guest, simply click on the Publish button to publish your app.

Now that the app is ready, you may begin to send the link to your guest list so they know where they are seated.

Also do ensure to print out the QR code and place it at the entrance for guests to check on the spot.

Surely this app can be further improved by including the following features:

  • Chat feature
  • Agenda of the event
  • Speaker profile
  • Guestbook
  • Check-in and check-out

With today’s post, hopefully, you have caught a glimpse of how Glide App, the no-code SAAS tool works.

For more video tutorials on how to create apps with Glide.

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