Mobile App Marketplaces: Where Can You Buy App Source Code in 2022 Besides CodeCanyon

In 2019, we found out about this site about how you can quickly own an app by buying and selling app sources code without burning your wallet, and that was CodeCanyon. Since then, we have been one of CodeCanyon’s happy users and helped businesses adopt the Apps and web platform.

Why do we like CodeCanyon?

Simply because they have a lot of good apps that provide for the marketplace and brick & mortar businesses. We build our business on these apps by helping these businesses leverage CodeCanyon platforms to their advantage. Delighted to know that there is such thing as CodeCanyon, we started to find out if there are more platforms like CodeCanyon that we can depend on to build good Apps for our clients.

Our reviews will be heavily related to what we do, and that is finding a potential app that we can sell to our clients. So, a few of our essential criteria are Apps business suitability, cost, platform readiness, and user experience. What do we mean by that? The platform must function as a tool to solve the business problem.

Also, the Apps cost must be affordable to the client, and the platform must be already ready to go to market when we purchase the App. If not, we need to recalculate the cost as it will incur development costs. Sometimes, it can take a longer development period, hence costly, especially when it takes longer to complete, probably due to the messy source code or many unsolved bugs.

While CodeCanyon is around, we continue to look around for more marketplace for app source code, hoping that we can find other platforms that we can leverage for our clients and hopefully help in your findings too! So here we go!


SellMyApp provides an extensive collection of Android, iOS, and Unity apps divided into two categories, game, and Apps. The platform has over 656 Apps and 3,592 game app templates for you to choose from. The majority of the Apps are on the Unity platform. However, not many Apps are suitable for business owners. This is the place to go if you are a game template hunter. The game categories are action, adventure, arcades, card, casual, family, puzzle, racing, sports, and quizzes.

Having said that, there are still a few exciting business apps that caught our attention.

Business Apps worth looking into

  1. Online Flowers selling the floristry Bouquet System. It is a complete solution for Flower Delivery Business. They have Stripe and Square payment methods integrated. Also, they have all three platforms available in iOS, Android, and website. Website option is exciting because we know customers buy flowers on special occasions only such as birthdays, valentine’s day, or Mother’s Day, which at most only five times a year! So having a website does matter more than having it in iOS or Android alone. We would appreciate it if the App had an admin backend function to store customer information and a yearly reminder notification of their orders. Because it is an annual special occasion and the date doesn’t change! This way, we can have a competitive advantage against other flowery shops around!

  • Carent – Rent Car Full Flutter v.2.8 App with Chat & API Backend. – It’s a place for people to find cars to rent. We think it is cool because it must have a location-based feature in which it is helpful for tourists to rent a car in their location. We don’t have other information about this App. But this is how we imagine using the App;  to be able to add extra rental hours easily and have insurance as their add-on package. Perhaps integrate with a tour app that could list them the nearby attractions, and the list can continue on and on. So it is an excellent business to run with a platform to start. — However, it is only available on Android. Though we know it is a request away from the seller, we can tell that it needs to be developed, bug-free, tested, and usually cost above the budget. Don’t forget that we are looking into all these marketplace apps is to avoid those terms.

  • Restaurant Premium Template – This is a restaurant ordering template in iOS Appstore, which claims to have Appstore submission and advertisement integration. We have a huge interest in the Restaurant template because, with the current pandemic, there is a shortage of waiters and taking a long time to take customer orders. We believe the same person juggles taking orders, cleaning the tables, taking payments, and maybe even preparing the food! At the same time, it is crucial to avoid physical contact while still providing the service to the customer. Information about the App is just limited to the screenshots shared, but we felt that the Apps could offer a significant advantage if they effectively manage the customers.

Ci Summary for SellMyApp

  • Many game apps are suitable if you want to gain from Admob ads.
  • The Sellmyapp team can help publish your App to the play store, which we find fantastic for those who didn’t know how to publish it themselves.
  • However, we feel that this platform is not suitable for non-technical skills people as most apps are not ready and require developer skills to build the App further or at least a reskin before it is ready to be in the play store.
  • Reskinned express service is fantastic. However, we find it a bit too expensive and not many options are available.         
  • Many App templates have only a single source code for iOS or Android.
  • The reviews and comments are too few, making it difficult to decide whether it will be a good purchase.

In summary, we believe that it is suitable for non-technical buyers who don’t mind the old UI and UX and want to make money from the Mob ads. Perhaps this article about #How to make money from Apps can help you!


Codester is much more like Codecanyon with its extensive library of apps and web source code. If we continue with the SellMyApp example, you will find many restaurant App source codes up for selling. Without a doubt, Codester also stores many other amazing Apps compared to SellMyApp.

Besides the template, the different thing about Codester is they also sell logos and icon packs separately. While few of you can design their logos and icon packs to match the web or app development, it is crucial for us to build an app in a short period while maintaining the quality to keep the cost low. From the Codester search engine, you can search for the same keyword “restaurant” but under the graphic category. Partly this is what we found from the search:

Figure 1: Codester Logo and Icon pack

Ci Summary for Codester

  • We love the icon pack as creating one is troublesome and looking for a free icon pack for your client is not cool!
  • It looks as if the review and ratings are newly added as we can’t find them! The reviews and comments are too few, making it difficult to decide whether it will be a good purchase.
  • We believe it could be an option after Codecanyon as it is very identical. However, we haven’t bought anything from Codester yet, as most of the Codester selling apps are also in Codecanyon with more reviews and ratings. Reviews are vital for us to understand any significant technical challenge.


Flippa is a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell not just apps (android and iOS) but also an entire online business. The types of online businesses include websites(blogs, forums, directory, reviews, SAAS), e-commerce stores (Shopify, Amazon, dropship, digital products), domain names, and collections. 

Online entrepreneurs will have an option to browse through the list of online businesses which are available for sale. Some key information with regards to the business will be revealed such as:

  • The type of business
  • How the business is monetized (Affiliate, Advertising, App Sales)
  • The average net profit/month

While the above information is revealed to all viewers, someone who would like to view more detailed info can sign up for a free account and get access to:

  • Traffic stats
  • Financial info
  • Seller’s notes like how long they have been operating and the reason why they are selling the business

You must be wondering how we can just buy an online business just like that. With CodeCanyon payment method, it’s quite simple and straightforward which is through Paypal. For Flippa, the payment method is through, a safe and secure way to buy and sell high-priced items/businesses.

Ci Summary for Flippa

  • If you intend on buying an online business with a proven monetization track record, Flippa is the site to go for.
  • The prices are usually multiplied by 3 – 5 times depending on the type of business. For example if a business makes 1k net profit a month, be prepared to pay at least 30k to purchase the business.
  • Do look closely are the financials and perform the necessary due diligence prior to purchasing the businees.
  • Use every opportunity to ask the seller for all details to get a better understanding of the business you’re about to buy.
  • If possible, buy only businesses that you have experience with and one that you know can complement with your experience or current business.
  • For new ventures, do start with those from CodeCanyon so that you can invest less and lower the risk.

CI Conclusion

Apart from the above, there are other marketplaces, like,, Dovemobi, and, but the interest is somewhat different from ours as these platforms only sell game Apps.

In summary, we find it challenging to buy App templates from the SellMyApps and Codester platforms compared to CodeCanyon. The number of reviews and ratings in CodeCanyon has helped us a lot in assuring that the purchased Apps are quality Apps.

Secondly, most of the CodeCanyon scripts are tested by many users. In CodeCanyon as well, there are many new Apps being uploaded every day that is up to trend. Such as the NFT platform, which is currently hot in the market. You can find it on CodeCanyon but not on other marketplaces.

At the same time, the other platform Apps mostly look like the early 2000s Apps, in which the user interface seems outdated. If you haven’t tried any of the aforementioned marketplaces, I would highly recommend CodeCanyon over the rest. Please let us know in the comment section if you can find any platform that can match to CodeCanyon or if you have a different opinion. 

If you do proceed to purchase source code from CodeCanyon, do read these tips on 5 Important Steps Before You Purchase Apps From CodeCanyon.