One Million Followers: How I Built a Massive Social Following in 30 Days

The popularity of modern stars largely depends not on creativity but on social networks

Famous singer Justin Bieber started his career by posting covers of popular songs on YouTube. He talentedly and emotionally sang acclaimed songs that many viewers loved. In addition, the singer was very active on social networks, and producers noticed him. His case is an example of incredible luck and clever strategy. He was just like many of us — talented and unknown, but active work with social networks brought him worldwide fame.

Author Brendan Cain worked with famous people, top companies, and brands and headed two film studio marketing departments. In particular, he collaborated with the well-known American singer Taylor Swift, who started her career on a MySpace page, where she interacted with fans. She later held a massive autograph session and met 3,000 fans in 17 hours. Most of them shared photos or stories, so total event involvement exceeded 1,000,000 people. Swift is genuinely happy while interacting with fans, and active communication on the Web makes her even more popular.

Whether you’re creative, write music or novels, develop an acting career, or just want to grow your brand, you’ve probably already thought about the benefits of social media. Social platforms can be a launching pad for fame and significant income in our digital age.

It is not enough to post on Instagram or Facebook to collect thousands of subscribers. You need to know why people want to share your posts: the more shares your content gets, the higher the chance you will become popular. You can reach millions of people worldwide if you choose the right strategy.

This summary teaches social media communication strategies. Today, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are big marketplaces where people can profitably present their brands and products, gathering millions of like-minded people from different countries. Later, you can implement them to achieve your goals.

Start your promotion with Facebook: main benefits

Before writing the book, Brendan Kane decided to experiment with his social media page and collected more than a million subscribers from different countries in a month as a result. Kane isn’t the first person to be successful with promotion: actress Sophie Turner landed the role of Sansa Stark on Game of Thrones because she had many followers on Twitter. However, Turner admitted that another more talented actress also auditioned.

Social networks are very logical, so the development of accounts is impossible without a strategic approach. Remember that paid advertising does not guarantee results. Your content should also be high quality; it should resonate with people emotionally. Constant production, modification, content testing, and audience reaction analysis are what you need to succeed in social networks. Follow these three stages: 1. Hypothesis — theoretically formulate your social networks’ format, topics, and stories. 2. Testing — try different options and collect data on the result. 3. Reversal — if your hypothesis is confirmed, invest in it; if not, change it.

Facebook is a very user-friendly platform for audience-building. Close to 3 billion users are registered on Facebook, and this number is gradually increasing. In this social network, people willingly share other people’s content to collect likes or attract friends with the same interests. How can you get followers on Facebook?

  • Create “viral” content that quickly spreads with the help of reposts and publications in different sectors.
  • Use ads with AdManager.
  • Combine the first and second points.

Even if you have a million subscribers, no more than 5% will see the content. People follow hundreds of pages, so Facebook shows them the most popular posts (or the posts of their closest friends). Always to keep in mind to create content that people will actively respond to.

Attracting subscribers with the help of AdManager has its own cost (cost per acquisition). Social media fame is not free — keep in mind that you will have to invest time and money in your development, no matter the size of your following. In addition, once you get a thousand followers, you will need to keep their attention by constantly generating useful or entertaining content.

Work hard on advertising so that ads work effectively for you

Return on investment (ROI) is the most important metric in marketing. It is a brand payback: your investment should transform into profit. Your main task in AdManager is reducing the cost per subscriber to a minimum. How it works: you pay Facebook to show your post to the user, and the user decides whether to react to your content or not. If you publish exciting posts of good quality, people will respond to them, and Facebook’s algorithms will capture the feedback and reduce the cost of promotion. Accordingly, the advertising post should be unique: it should make people like it and subscribe to new similar content. If people share your posts and like them regularly, your strategy is working. Don’t forget to evaluate your ROI periodically and see if your investment is paying off.

How to advertise on Facebook?

Stick to the offers of the AdManager. Facebook usually offers to spend $11 to $25 on ads, depending on their type. Do not spend more.

Divide posts by topic. There is no need to try to fit everything into one post. If you explore the issues of happiness, psychology, and motivation, divide them into three promotional posts.

Content selection. You should find the best way to express what you want to convey to your audience. These can be motivational videos, quotes, pictures, or a mixture of quotes and images that reveal your brand philosophy.

Start your campaign at midnight. It will give you 24 hours to analyze the content. Millions of people are on Facebook, so someone is always awake and using it. If suddenly no one sees your ad, Facebook will not show the content until people log on.

Analyze your performance. Try everything possible with Facebook Ads Manager and evaluate the result: the more attempts you make, the faster you reach the indicators you are striving for.

Targeting: The powerful instrument for getting more attention

Targeting is an advertising tool that will allow your business to flourish. The Internet will enable you to receive feedback and quickly improve, but only if you understand your target audience. You can target the audience in the Facebook AdManager.

Audience targeting is beneficial because the competition in each field is very high. Using Facebook, you will find an audience that suits your brand’s needs. Determine the following points:

  • Define the gender and age of your audience.
  • Set your marketing task: sales, brand awareness, subscriptions, and likes.
  • Think about the interests and lives of your audience: music, sports, hobbies, car brands, what events they attend, and which celebrities they are interested in.
  • Where do your potential subscribers live? Are you targeting the whole world, the US, or just European countries?
  • Evaluate your competitors. What audience do they have, what approaches do you like, and what would you change?

Having the correct data, you can combine them in different variations before launching ads. Another option is communicating with potential subscribers. Monitor comments and posts and watch for changes in trends.

You can set up your ads for different purposes: increasing likes, subscribers or video views, and website visits. Along with targeting, always test different types of content and check the audience’s reaction to it.

The first advertising attempt is successful for 1% of social media users. Moreover, even 5-10 versions of the same content are not enough for a good result. Brendan Kane once collaborated with an ocean defense organization. They found ten phrases about the importance of the ocean and ten pictures of marine life, paired each image with one of the phrases, and tested each option on 20 different groups of people. As a result, they found the most successful combinations, and the organization’s audience grew to two million in two weeks.

How to stay attractive in a world of universal success

Once you find your audience, you will have doubled your responsibilities. One of them is keeping the attention and interest of subscribers. It is not enough to declare oneself — there are many people in the world engaged in similar activities, like writing books about time management. But writer Tim Ferriss created an unusual idea, which he described in The 4-Hour Workweek. The intriguing title and the uniqueness of the concept set him apart from others.

You can also find a headline for a post that will draw attention to you. For example, filmmakers created a powerful promotional campaign for Blair Witch. They made a slogan that said they found the film in the forest and all events were real. The idea of actual mystical events attracted the audience, and the movie made a lot of money at the box office. You can try different headlines with A/B testing: define your target audience and run ads with different types of headlines (subtle content changes are also effective). Compare the results and find out which message attracts people the most.

Communication is a powerful promotional tool: you need to explain your message clearly and listen to people simultaneously. Сonsumers are very different: some interact with memes, some love visuals, and others seek statistics and facts. You should understand what kind of consumers your brand is talking to.

The main trends that people often share:

  • Inspirational texts, pictures, and videos
  • News and political updates
  • Entertainment and humor
  • Cute animal content

Your page may not be directly related to these content types, but you can use them or link your ideas to one of these topics.

Think broader and get your brand out of bounds

Your overall activity rises when people share your posts: new people will come to your page, and sales will grow. So, think of your followers any time you are creating content. Ideas should come from the heart. So, how do you inspire people and help them feel connected to you? Remember that you are promoting your content for a reason — you have something to give to the world. Be helpful: let people see your content as a value they want to send to their friends. At the same time, any content can become viral. There is nothing to worry about if subscribers come to you after a funny video with a dog. The main thing is to keep their attention in the future.

When choosing the target audience, don’t discount the possibilities of international users. The world’s population is almost 8 billion, so don’t be afraid to push the boundaries. American Idol contestant Jasmine Trias didn’t sell even 15,000 copies of her album in the US, but it went platinum in the Philippines.

Try to target users from developing countries: India, Brazil, Mexico, and Indonesia. Its more effective in terms of the lower cost per subscriber or like, compared to the US. Brandon Kane noted that in Brazil, people like reposting, so target its market if you want to spread your content.

If you enter the Indonesian market, you will compete mainly with local companies so that people will be grateful for your content. Businessman Eamonn Carey noted that people constantly use their phones in Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and the Middle East countries. An international audience is beneficial for upcoming artists — you can go from smaller stages to internationally recognized ones.

Instagram: How to become an influencer on one of the world’s major social networks

Instagram is a massive platform for visual communication, focusing on eye-catching images, but storytelling is also welcome. Unlike Facebook, Instagram concentrates primarily on likes and comments, and it promotes your page.

Your Instagram audience can grow if status people interact with your posts. Status is determined by the number of followers. The surest way to get to the Instagram Explorer search page is to collect likes and comments from influencers. Find smaller accounts they follow: propose cooperation if they work with ideas similar to yours. Gradually, information about you will reach celebrities. Of course, advertising on popular pages is not free. Ask their owners for prices and a guaranteed number of subscribers.

Thanks to reposting groups that you can find or create yourself, you can get likes and comments on your content. So, look for influencers on platforms like CreatorIQ, Speakr, and Traackr. Be persistent and charming once you figure out who you want to form a partnership with. Remember that Shazam, a song recognition service, was a humble startup Apple bought in 2017. Offer people profitable cooperation, and be helpful — later, you will be able to repost each other’s content, ensuring constant mutual promotion.

Another proven method is using someone else’s content. Accounts like 9GAG and imjustbait publish content of their authorship and funny pictures and videos of other authors (always with nicknames or watermarks). It is a common and easy approach; Netflix initially hosted popular licensed content on its service, and when the platform became popular, it began to release its own products.

Privacy settings can also fuel interest. As soon as your content goes viral, people will start visiting your page, but they may not subscribe. Periodically closing your account after posting the content will make people want to subscribe to access exclusive content. Even if some of your fans unsubscribe over time, the majority will stay with you.

Creative and practical: dealing with Facebook and Linkedin

You can use Facebook as a starting platform to collect views on YouTube — if you already have an audience there, you can redirect them to your videos. However, if you work with YouTube only, you need to know how it functions. Platform algorithms notice you when you have 20,000 subscribers and allow you to earn income from 50,000 subscribers. YouTube also cares about how much time viewers spend watching your videos. Therefore, for YouTube and Instagram, it is essential to create high-quality and trendy content.

Here are some strategies to promote your videos:

  • Sharing. Since reposts are not possible on YouTube, you must create viral content or distribute videos via other social networks.
  • Search engine. When uploading a video, match tags and descriptions to trending search queries.
  • Partnership. Maintain partnerships and cooperate with the owners of other channels.
  • Giveaways. This method is expensive, but people love to participate in contests.

You will have to post regularly and pay particular attention to the quality and consistency of your content. People come to you because they consider you an expert on a specific topic, so they may get lost if your content jumps from one topic to another. Do not forget to communicate with the audience: ask people to leave comments and answer them.

If your career is the main area you want to develop, and your aspirations are focused on business and connections, try the benefits of LinkedIn. If you want to connect with an influential person, remember that dozens of friend requests can come to them every day. Start your cover letter with respect: say that you admire their work, and then ask to connect.

Also, be active on your page: add updates, and indicate your professional experience and courses that you have completed. Publish life events — any information that causes an emotional reaction is worthy. For example, an HR manager posted about a candidate who was late for an interview and didn’t apologize, which started an active discussion that drew attention to the manager.


Two key points to your success in social media are hard work and the desire to maintain the result. So, make a brand that inspires trust and respect. Always analyze your current content and think ahead: how will your activity develop in the future? Answering the questions will allow you to know yourself better and help you believe in your power.

  • What can I share with people?
  • What brings me joy?
  • What would I like to do if I had five years to live?
  • If my business was guaranteed to succeed, what would I do?

Dream and strive for more. The face of the brand is half the business, so it should have a strong, attractive, charismatic personality. Create a friendly community where people will feel free, and don’t limit yourself to one social network. Think about all the platforms you can use to achieve your goals and actively develop them. For example, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook are suitable for artists’ sales and targeting. Users should associate you with multiple platforms.

Remember that social media activity is a full-time job that requires dedication and constant mind-flow. But we still draw inspiration from life, real communication, meetings, and nature. Do not forget to explore the world and do not get lost in social networks — offline life is beautiful.

Try this

With Google AdWords, you can find keywords to use when targeting. For example, if you are running a yoga-related brand, you can analyze which products and topics people are most interested in. Using AdWords, you can:

  • Get information about the search frequency of your content and compare it with competitors’ results.
  • Analyze the market and assess the level of demand for your offer.

*Highlighted from One Million Followers with Headway App