How to start an online business?

Online BUsiness Playbook

The ultimate guide for you to start an online business

The internet has forever changed the way we do business. Opportunities exploded from the dot-com boom, and since then, there hasn’t been a shortage for those careful enough to identify them. If you have ever dreamt of leveraging technology to start an online business, then here comes your playbook. This playbook is for those who want to start an online business but

• Have little budget to start up
• Have no technical knowledge to develop the platform on your own
• Tied up with a 9-5 work and can only spend 1-2 hours a day doing something else
• Have no business idea yet

After making several mistakes, many of the lessons in this summary were learned from experience. As cliché as it may sound, reading this summary will save you years of confusion. We have been investing in online businesses since 2015. With many years of experience in Internet businesses, we started Ciedge.Tech to teach entrepreneurs how to leverage the internet for financial freedom. You’re not about to listen to a newbie but a group of people who knows its worth.

Entrepreneurs are crazy people who refuse to rest until they create change and the freedom their spirits crave. It’s amazing how everyone wants to be an entrepreneur these days. But if we were to go back in time to just a few decades ago, we’ll see that not many people wanted to venture into the risky world of entrepreneurship. There was job security, and most people worked in one career all their active years, so there was no motivation to take the risk.

Things have changed incredibly: multiple economic depressions and a global pandemic have forced millions out of their stable jobs. The desire for freedom and control over the future has made entrepreneurship something to be desired. Everyone and their grandma want to own a business these days.

The rise of global change-makers like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, and the like is also a contributing factor. The way these famous entrepreneurs are worshipped in the media makes people desire the kinds of feats they’ve achieved.

Is entrepreneurship really something to be desired? Absolutely. And of course, this summary will teach you how to become a successful one. But before we go into all that, you must know something that will determine whether this summary is worth your time. The thing is, entrepreneurship is not for everyone.

As glorious as creating businesses and selling them may be, that kind of stuff isn’t for the entire population. Millions have failed in business but succeeded as enhancers, helping others grow their business. This goes to say some people will only find success and fulfillment working for others.

You should know what side of the fence your unique wiring falls on before leaping to start your first business. Are you ready to pay the price that entrepreneurship demands?

This journey isn’t as cozy as the media depicts. When you look past the glory, you’ll see that entrepreneurs live mostly lonely lives. Confusion and uncertainties are also things they deal with consistently.

Ask yourself if these are things you’re willing to endure. If you’re sure about giving it a shot, then let’s dive into the proven strategies for building a seven-figure business from the ground up.

How It Works?
Three simple playbooks that you can use to start your online business right away~


How to find a niche online business idea that works!


How to own and develop an app, web, and other online platforms!

3. marketing

Define target market, social media content, copywriting and more!

Why these playbooks are important for you?

These playbooks are prepared for specifically for start up entrepreneurs. These are the reason why you should be going through the playbooks:

  • Straight to the point! We won’t be dragging you with a long sales pitch
  • No in-purchase books or services. All the contents are 100% FREE!
  • We build this from our own experience. We have a passion to run online businesses!
  • We cover everything from the beginning to end on how to start an online business!


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