What is the best way to find and hire a freelancer?


I am not sure what kind of freelancer you are looking for. I have been using Fiverr to hire freelancers to complete various things from IT development to marketing content stuff and I’m a happy user since. I like it so much because of my experience, and the outcome is excellent. I believe it is how you put your requirements to allow the Seller to deliver the desired result. This is what I learned when hiring freelancers.

When providing the requirements, we need to be crystal clear of the end product. This way, we can help the Seller to understand our requirements better. If you are new to Fiverr, here are the tips for providing the right information to ensure sellers understand it and provide you with a five-star service on time.

These steps are essential that lead you to give the correct information to the Seller to understand your requirement to ensure that they can do the best possible job for you. To make it easier for you to understand, we will be sharing our experience of how we order things to get the outcome we want.

So let’s say we are looking for a uniquely creative design for our next scarf design. We prefer the design to be a bit complex in which people have to look closely to see the details. We imagined the design to be like a hundred small flowers within a single big flower.

Step 1: Find the right Seller

In Fiverr, there are many sellers that you can find and filter through. The good thing about the platform is that many of them shared their past work. By looking at their past work, we would be able to identify the right Seller with the kind of outcome that we wished for. So, how do we find them? It would be best if you found the right keyword for the Fiverr search engine to find the right Seller for you. This is where you need to do a bit of homework. You must think of the possible title that the Seller would put. Yes, we want a flower, but we can’t search for flowers because not all flower designs are complicated, and since they are flower artists, they might be tweaking from their previous artwork. Also, according to the requirements we have above, we are looking for a unique design, so it can’t be a simple one. We know for a fact that if it is hand-drawn, it must be original and high likely not taken from Shutterstock. Therefore we look for a Seller that provides hand-drawn services. Here is the outcome from the search:

Step 2: Find the Nearest Desired Outcome

Unless you are paying a consultant, you don’t expect to get the Fiverr Seller to think creatively for you. Of course, they will use their personal touch and skills to deliver, but you need to provide the right information to the Seller in as detail as possible. If you don’t have enough information, find Sellers with their past artwork that is the closest to your desired outcome. Also, you may want to tell them of their past work that you like and expect a similar outcome upfront. This is the first step to ensure that the Seller is crystal clear with what you want, and they can complete the work for you just as you wish. To continue with the above search, we admired the second Seller from the left:

(Picture taken from Fiverr platform, credit to Zlemuuz, a Fiverr seller)

We found this, and it was exactly how we wish our flower design to be. So we looked through her designs and clearly made many designs of this style, giving more confidence that she could similarly deliver our design. You can see her other artworks below:

Step 3: Contact them

Please never ever make the mistake of making the order right away! As you can see from the below picture, use the contact seller button to ask them whether they can do your order or not.

Step 4: Provide Seller with the right details

You first need to make sure you provide the Seller with everything upfront. To be able to do this, it starts with knowing what you want. You have to really think about it. Especially if you are new, you might not always know what you need. Therefore, our recommendation is for you to write it down and go through it. If the Seller had all these things, could they complete the project with just the information? And it’s going to be different for every Seller based on their service. So you need to discover their past works and write down those things that allow them to understand your desired outcomes better.

It would be best if you also could ask if they really understand it and if they could explain their version to you. Going back to our order, we want the Seller to understand that we need a lot of small flowers filling up a huge flower design. To help the Seller to understand better, we first need to provide her with the size of the picture.

In our case, we told her that this design would be a scarf design of 50 inches x 50 inches. Also, we were inspired by her past work that we asked if she could draw the same style but this time with a huge Carnation flower with a lot of small carnation flowers inside. The other missing pieces were the colors and flower positions which we shared the below picture with her:

Now that we have shared all the details we possibly could, it is also essential to know if she understands it too, which she did. We also asked if she could sketch for us before she started doing the whole design. The best time to ask this question is before you agree to continue with the gig offered and make the payment. See our conversation below:

She is an excellent Seller, so the whole experience was incredible! Getting her to sketch is crucial for us and her. So the Seller didn’t waste time creating something that you didn’t like. Sometimes because of our different backgrounds, the perceptions can be different too.

Sample Deliverables

Sketch 1

The sketch was nothing short of perfection! The Carnation!

First submission colour 1

First submission colour 2

First submission colour 3

First submission colour 4

However, once she shared all four designs, we felt like something didn’t feel right though her work was superb! We felt like it is too detailed that it will look messy when we print it on the scarf later. We have decided to ask if she could amend the details to tone down the design, which will be covered in the next step, the final step!

Step 5: The revision rights!

Most Fiverr gigs come with a revision right, usually up to three revisions. You must be mindful of using the revision right and don’t simply use it from the beginning, or otherwise, it might cost you more later!

In this case, we had two revision rights. We feel bad because she had done much, but we think it could be improved further. Below is her new sketch:

Sketch 2

Mid work Sketch 2

The moment we saw this, we knew this is the right one!

Submission 2 colour 1


Submission 2 colour 2


The “Happy” Outcome!

In summary, do not accept any submission that is less than perfect because if you have followed the steps, you know they can deliver it as their past works are aligned with your vision. Keep asking, be persistent, and be polite. I believe if you do those things, you will get what you desire. But if you just wilt and kind of say, hey, when you get a chance, I kind of need this stuff to be a bit differently, maybe make it smaller or bigger. You are not going to get what you need, and you’re probably going to be disappointed because you didn’t get what you wanted.

Make sure you’re asking early and often, and you’re persistent with what you want to get it. The other key to getting what you want from these order requirement requests is not over-complicating things. For example, you know you didn’t wish to have different types of flowers and colors, so you don’t have to get the Seller to try that out. Never do that and hope that it can turn out nice. It won’t, and it will just drive the Seller crazy. It’s like giving multiple different orders before getting things started. And we will tell you that that leads to Seller not delivering as you wish for.

Make sure you’re asking for only everything you need, and don’t ask for more. If they’re going to provide suggestions or ideas, they will. But if you over-complicate things, it lowers the likelihood that you will get your desired outcome. And we believe we just kind of touched on this point, but we’ll reiterate it. You might want to keep your request message short. This is a message that you should craft and put together. We’re not talking about 30 seconds read. Make sure they can read this in 10 or 15 seconds. Make it a sentence or two, or three at the most. You can provide in bullet form most of your things. If you need to provide three things, you need to write one, two, or three. And that’s it, don’t over-complicate it. Make it as concise as you possibly can. Good luck!

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